Happy Women's day?

Woman everywhere rejoice, there is a day dedicated to us, but this time its not for being a mother, or a wife/girlfriend but for being a woman. As much as I am a fan of all the fancy woman's day celebration, which we totally deserve, I am appalled every year by the fuss made for this day.

Why is that companies celebrate this day by sending out flowers or chocolates to woman rather than giving them equal pay. Why does society go all gaga for woman on this day but the rest of the year they don't let their sisters go out after 9 pm, sit back and blame the neighbour's daughter's dress sense for all things bad that happened to her and expect their working wives to cook for them every single day?

I'm not saying do not celebrate this day, I am saying this day should be everyday. Every day we women should be getting the same opportunities and equal rights on the home and work front. We are woman, so what, we are humans first and every human deserves to dream and succeed without their gender, race or social background being factored in.

To the men out there, cooking for your mom, sister or wife today doesn't mean you make them feel special, it reinforces the fact that you are the privileged ones being served the other 364 days. You want to do something for us? Encourage us and empower us! Make sure you do all you can for the women around you to have access to the tools for success. And if you cannot do anything, that's fine, just do nothing to block our way, because one way or the other we will pull out the weeds in our path, its your choice if you want to be a weed or flowers that makes the path beautiful.

Peace out!

Komal R. Lakhani


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