Racism in Hong Kong

Yes, it happened! 

The streets and alleys of Hong Kong are famous for it's selfie worthy graffiti. It symbolises people's talent and many a times a simple message... Stop Racism. And yet here I am, a brown skinned person subjected to the same thing the original occupants of this city are going through.

Why is that even in a metropolitan city like this, people harbor negative feelings towards each other? Why is it okay for the Chinese cleaning lady in a bathroom at IFC mall to only check my booth while I'm washing my hands and no one else's? Why is that at a store when I ask for a fresh box of something the store keeper starts hurling profanity in his language and refuse to sell product? Why is that I get the most sideward glances when I am walking down a street?

Many a times, I have wanted to report this to the authorities, but then I stop and think, will they really bother to look into this or dismiss it on the account of my skin colour. So I am doing the best thing I can, write about it and increase awareness. 

Racism exists everywhere, I was a victim of it even in Canada, where it is a punishable offence, but that did not stop me from getting out there. People are full of hate, and they think by projecting this hate on to us in different manners they can make us go away. I say No Way! It doesn't matter what colour is your skin, you have the right to be where ever you want to be (well not if it's a private property and you are trespassing, but you get my point).

I would say this, don't back down, if they hate your colour so much, let them learn to open their arms or close their eyes and be blind to the ever changing world around them.


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