Beauty - Review of Cutis Skin Studio

I don't need to remind you that it is important to take care of your skin on a daily basis with regular cleansing and appropriate day and night cream. In addition to that it is good to maintain a weekly/monthly regime. You don't always have to run to a salon, sometimes a simple mud or fruit pack at home can suffice. But then there are times your skin needs that extra care and its always better to see a professional because good skin can take years of your age. I recently visited the Cutis skin studio located in Bandra (they have a second location in South Mumbai) and I was quite happy with the service I received there.

We started off with a skin consultation. Since I maintain the health of my skin, we did not have to do any major treatments just a relaxing facial, which included a message for blood circulation. Watch the video below to see my experience with Cutis and to get some expert skin care advice from Dr Apratim Goel the owner and Medical Director of Cutis Skin Studio who has over 14 years of experience in the field.


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