Food Review - Tribeca

Tribeca is one of those places you can have a fun night out with great music and a relaxed atmosphere partnered with healthy yet delicious food.
I was invited there for a review and I was glad to take it up after seeing the health and organic quotient its menu boasted.
We went there on a Thursday night and yet the service was super quick.  The food was served faster than I could be distracted by a notification my phone, which is phenomenal!
We started out our first course with the burrata which came sun dried tomatoes, mixed greens and orange concasse. It's not a hidden fact that I in fact am a cheese lover and I loved the burrata here. This was followed by the bruschetta sampler. The bruschetta was made with quinoa bread and had various flavour like mushrooms, walnuts and tomato, which made it quite a healthy treat. 

For salads we went with the super food salad that had kale, goji berries, avocado and so much more. Its a common misconception if you mix a lot of good ingredients together, the end result has to be great. Many a times the flavour of various ingredients do not complement each other and your great dish turns out to be an act of desperate measures. But with the super food salad that was not the case. It had about eight 'super foods' thrown into a mix, a well balanced mix actually, the ingredient were in sync which enhanced the over all taste of this super salad.

Being a pizza lover (as well) I had to have one, so I went with the classic margarita pizza. Which was good, but then I wouldn't recommend this place for hardcore pizza lovers.

For the main we had the grilled Cajun chicken breast accompanied by sweet potato fries and sauteed spinach in garlic and sesame on the side. The chicken was well cooked. It came with a sauce in the jar which added the spice factor to its flavour. The sweet potato fries were fabulous but I was a bit disappointed with the sauteed spinach. I was expecting something with a bit more crunch and it was the opposite. The flavour was also on the bland side.
By the end of the meal I was stuffed, but can we ever really be too stuffed for dessert? I planned on tasting the warm apple cookie compote but since it was not avaible I went with the chocolate fondant which was warm and gooey, and served with ice cream. This is a must try for every chocolate lover, just make sure you save some pace in the tummy to truly enjoy it.

So is Tribeca worth a visit? Yes! The location, the service, the vibe and the food are all upto par and deserve to be experienced. The hotel offers valet parking which is absolutely necessary in a place like JBR. The food pricing is a tad steep, the burrata was for Aed 80 and the chicken for Aed 135 (not including sides). Until the next time..



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