CREO a new designed in the UAE brand launches in Dubai

CREO, a unique homegrown marketplace concept, has officially launched in the UAE. To mark the launch, CREO held a fashionably hip event connecting the online world to the indoors. Setting up shop at Argo Tea Arabia City Walk Dubai, the event showcased the brand’s urban, street vibe.

CREO’s aim is to revolutionize the world of online fashion. Using the latest technologies, product and printing innovations, CREO manufactures its customers’ ideas into customized designs. By providing a canvas of high quality apparel and merchandise, customers can design, wear and carry their favorite pieces; words, ideas, music and so on, and turn them into wearable, useable art. Based in Dubai, the brand was created by a diverse group of young minds that shared the passion of building a Create-It-Yourself portal.

With quirky designs, the brand speaks to people who have a 'now' state of mind; what is trending now, living in the now, making a statement now. CREO feeds on creativity and breeds originality, centering around the idea that its customers will know and show who they are - with what they think, with what they say and what they wear.


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