Willie's Cacao makes its way to the UAE

Willie Harcourt-Cooze has redefined how millions of people worldwide think about chocolate. He is a chocolate romantic with a passion for the world’s great cacaos, a flair for all things chocolate and an obsession with antique machines. He shares these passions via his own television shows, cookbooks, cookery demonstrations, talks and of course his ever expanding range of chocolate. Which is now is available in the UAE!

William Harcourt-Cooze himself hosted a special evening for a select group of people where I had the opportunity to talk to him and taste even the raw beans and learn how he makes his chocolate truffles

Want to get your hand on some of these amazing chocolates? You can! Willie’s Cacao collection is available exclusively at Candylicious in the UAE. The new range includes a variety of flavours, making "Real" cacao available to "Real" chocolatiers. Willie's secret ingredient has been widely speculated to be in his cacao beans. By controlling every step of the journey from ‘bean to bar’, Willie creates chocolate with his own distinct style that is all about maintaining the absolute purity of flavour of the bean.

Some of the flavours that you have to tatse is the white chocolate called El Blanco and I'm generally not a fan of white chocolate but this is really good. The sea salt, dark chocolate and orange, and ginger lime are some interesting flavours yo should give a try.


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