Safe and Sound with BurJuman

BurJuman's Safe & Sound 2015 breast cancer awareness campaign has officially begun. The campaign focuses on empowering women and their families in the fight against breast cancer. Since its launch, it has championed a message of survival through early detection, reaching over 25 million people and raising over AED2.5 million for patient care and increased awareness.

A key element of this year’s campaign is the introduction of the new Safe & Sound app. The app will
replace the traditional Safe & Sound Walkathon and will be available to subscribers both in and outside the UAE, starting from October. Users will be able to run and walk, tracking their progress at the same time. Participants can directly to Al Jalila Foundation and Brest Friends via the  app. Not just limited to individuals, users can walk or donate on behalf of an organisation, which allows corporations to support Safe & Sound as part of their CSR initiatives. If the total distance walked through the app reaches the 50,000km milestone in 2015, BurJuman has pledged to donate a further AED 100,000 to the cause.

As in previous years, uniCare Medical Centre has joined the campaign, and will be running a number of activities during Breast Cancer Awareness month, such as giving away 10,000 coupons for free check ups, and unlimited discounted mammograms at uniCare clinics during October.

Click the play button below to hear the heart warming story of a breast cancer survivour. 

For more details visit Burjuman's facebook page.

P.S. I've already downloaded the app, now its your turn!


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