Schwarzkopf brings on the Ultimate Keratin

The Product: The popular Palette Intensive Color Cream range has re-launched with even more long-lasting intensity with its all new Ultimate Keratin formula. In addition to giving rich, nourishing treatment, when combined with the developer emulsion, the color cream ensures that color pigments penetrate deep in the hair shaft while helping to prevent damage. The result, long-lasting high color intensity and radiant hair. 

Depending on the shade, the special, enhanced formula is perfect for grey to heavily greyed hair that will be covered with an even, long-lasting color. The new nourishing formula: with intense color pigments & Ultimate Keratin strengthens the hair & deeply fuels color into each fiber for a long-lasting pigment retention & healthy looking hair. 

The Application: The application process is simple, just like any other hair colour. Just follow the instruction, mix the ingredients and apply.  

The Result: The colour lasted more than five weeks and is still going on. (My hair is naturally black and I tend to keep it that way, so we tried this on my mom's hair)

Pairing: You can pair this with Schwarzkopf's Gliss hair repair with liquid keratin I personally used this and I love it. It makes my hair feel healthy and it smells absolutely amazing. The best part about this shampoo according to me is that fragrance that lingers on, makes me feel sexy throughout the day!

The Palette Intensive Color Cream range is available aprox AED 16.

The new Palette Intensive Color Creams are available in stores now 2015. 


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