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Tiny Energy balls
Being a blogger involves eating out a lot and being a dessert lover just adds extra unhealthy calories to the body. That's why detoxing is really important, not just for a blogger but for everyone who's diet involves eating unhealthy food more often than not. 

Detox delight helps you bring your body back in line. I tried out the one day juice, soup and dinner delight. The entire meal is delivered early in the morning right to your doorstep in a cool box. At the very first glimpse I noticed how cute and convenient the packaging was, easy enough to carry your meals with you to the office or out and about town.

Breakfast consist of two juices, first the orange, followed by the pink. You don't have to remember all of this since the bottles come neatly marked and you just have to follow the order.
I started the day with the Orange, a fruit and vegetable juice that gets its orange colour from Carrots.
The  Orange was followed by pink which is a concoction of apples and raspberry among other things. Each juice has the ingredients mentioned on the back and comes with three options which are selected by detox delight keeping your dietary intolerance in mind.
Lunch consists of Soup delight followed by another juice. We know that greens (veggies) are good but I am always a skeptical when it come to the taste. But the broccoli and Swiss chard based soup for lunch was an absolute treat. After gently heating the bottle directly in a hot water bath (microwaving is not allowed) I happily had the entire thing. The subtle and smooth taste of the veggies along with the french herbs took me by surprise and this is something I would recommend to everyone, while detoxing or not. The green soup is was accompanied by a green spinach and watermelon based juice to be consumed atleast an hour later. 

I had to go out for a food event on the day of the detox which was a challenge. I had to stop myself from indulging but I held strong and had a few toasted cashews instead which are allowed as mid-meal snacks. By the time I got home it was too late to have my dinner delight since I had the lunch soup late. So I ended up eating it for lunch the next day.
The dinner delight was made of quinoa, carrots and peas. I wasn't sure what the cashew cream was for, since it wasn't mentioned anywhere, but I used it as a dressing for the salad. It was quite thick so mixing it was a bit difficult making me rethink which meal it was supposed to be with in the first place. On the other hand the salad did stay fresh and crisp till the next day.
When I talk about detox most people find the entire concept to hard to try out. But if the food is as yum as the one I was provided with, detox is a breeze. Storing is not a problem since all the bottles are compact and can easily be stored in any part of your refrigerator. Seen here is the one day meal easily packed into a small door shelf. I was also sent a little surprise in the form of the energy balls made from dates and coconut (featured in the first photo), which were the perfectly healthy way to satisfy my sugar cravings.

Before the detox it was recommended that I reduce and then stop the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, meat, dairy and sugar. I was able to stop almost everything besides cheese. It wasn't ordinary cheese but buffalo mozzarella fresh from Rome bought by Nicky the Explorer (look out for her travel tales in my Travel section coming soon). On the day of detox what helped me the most was staying busy and keeping my mind of food, which was easy till the prviouly mentioned food event came up. It does help to keep all your unhealthy craving away from sight at least on the first day when it easy to cave in. Once you get through the first day, it get easier, I felt lighter in person and on the weight scale the next day. I'm sure on a longer detox program the positive effects would be more significant, which means Detox Delight is definitely worth a try!

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