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Max's Restaurant in located in the heart of Al Ain's the town center area, which is always lively. The branch is spacious and comfortable with three different dinning sections which can also be converted into party halls. I was invited to try out thier food, so read on to see what happened.

Our food journey started with some interesting 
drinks, a fresh watermelon milkshake (yes milkshake nor juice), a coconut drink which is the milkshake version of a famous dessert from the Philippines called Buko Pandan and Sagot Gulaman which had tapioca balls. Out of the three, the melon shake came up as the clear winner for our palette. 

Sagot Gulaman

This was followed by a cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup (both were good), along with a chicken caesar salad for starters. The salad was an instant crowd pleaser not because of our familiarity with it (as compared to Filipino cuisine) but because of the freshness of its simple ingredients and Max's chicken strips. 

Cream of Chicken soup
Spicy Chicken Wings

For the main course we had Max's signature fried chicken which was very moist and served with sweet patato fries (my favourite kind of fries these days), next was the Gambas Con Aligue  (tad saucy marinated prawns with  warm, soft and totally yum ciabatta bread), which won the heart of my little mini me, followed by spicy chicken wings (which I found more on the sweet and tangy side and still loved it!). And finally Max's chicken Sisiga (a sizzling mixture chicken and chicken lever blended with spices), which was quite healthy and my dad loved it! I don't like chicken liver much, but I couldn't taste the liver, since it was very well blended.

The sides consisted of spicy chicken fried rice and Atchara (a raw papaya salad) which was the perfect amount of sour and sweet and went down well with everyone. To compliment the chicken sisiga we ordered the spicy chicken fried rice which is average. 

Meringue cake 
Coming down to the main course, desert included the fun Halo Halo which we loving termed as the Filipino falooda  (the Filipino version of the Indian falooda), Buko Pandan the coconut dessert I mentioned earlier. I personally preferred the original Buko Pandan over the drink version. The meringue cake called Brazo de Mercedes with a yum custard filling was amazing, it was not too sweet and caught me by surprise because every time someone says meringue the crispy baked version pops up into my head. On this other hand this cake was soft and spongy.
Buko Pandan

Halo Halo

Brazo de Mercedes
The best part about Max's restaurant was the hospitality of its staff and the warm and welcoming environment. The manager Bryan Acrcenas was a very jolly fellow you happily discussed Filipino cuisines with us sharing insides jokes from the country. Angel was our server for the evening a did everything with a big smile while explaining the makings of all the dishes we tried. 

Max's restaurant is definitely worth a visit. They have a branch in Dubai, Al Ain, Sharajah, and Abu Dhabi, so you don't have an excuse to not visit!



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