Review - Core Fitness Evolution

Being fit was soo much easy in my parent's time. They got their days workout not by exercising but by doing things themselves which we don't anymore. They burnt off their excess calories by walking places, and using man power, something which is becoming an uncommon commodity day by day. With the advancement of technology making us lazy and the weather in the UAE, outdoor exercise is quite tricky leaving us with a ton of indoors options to pick from. Adding itself to the list of fitness joints in Dubai is Core Fitness Evolution. For those of you who don't like the traditional machines or for those who prefer some aid while working out compared to using no equipment in forms like zumba, Core is a good balance.

Core Fitness Evolution located in a cozy corner of DIFC is owned and manged by Arpan kriplani who swears by the results this form of exercise has helped her achieve. Why is core fitness different, you may ask, Here is why, they use megaformers (the pictured machines) to help you get a full body workout. These megaformers can be used in different ways with multiple weight resistance option depending on your fitness level.  My friend and I gave the place a try to see how well does this machine work. Both of us workout everyday so our endurance level is higher. This was factored in while making us exercise and the resistance was adjust accordingly.

"If you are on a diet the likeliness of you falling of the wagon are 99 percent. So don't get into diets, its more about a lifestyle change. You have just one life and you need to really live it so just be healthy while enjoying it. That doesn't necessarily mean that we don't allow indulgences and put you on crazy fad diets. instead we tried to balance everything. Its all about a realistic lifestyle, we all love to go out and eat and party, so we need to set realistic goals and you need to enjoy the process of reaching those goals. To build your diet we take into considerations what you like to eat, and what you have been eating all along," says Arpan while discussing diets and exercise.
Core provides a 40 minute high intensity workout. I woke up sore the next day which means it definitely worked. I like mixing up my exercise routine and using the megaformers was a good change. This is ideal for people looking out for a customised work out with personal attention. The environment is very lively and friendly and the machines are suitable for all age groups. Problems like back or joint pain are also take into consideration while sketching out the workout regimes.

They charge AED 140 per session, but you can get a discount when you book five or more together. A nutrition consult is available at an additional price. Visit the website for more details.


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