Make Up Tricks To Help Hide Skin Issues

Nilo Haq
I always support natural beauty, but sometimes there are days when you have to head out to a party, a trip or a special dinner and your skin is just not up for it! It's one of those days when you have to dig in to your make up kit and cover up the untimely flaws. But many a times we make a mistake when it comes to selecting the right product. To help you with this dilemma make-up artist & Pond’s Arabia brand ambassador has shared with Komal's Korner the common skin issues faced by most people and how to deal with them using makeup:

Problem: Dark Circles
Dark circles are a problem most girls have.  Besides trying to get your 9 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep, drinking the recommended intake of daily water and eating well there are some makeup tricks that can hide them in a jiffy. Generally dark circles are blue or brown based in color, so after applying foundation use an orange color corrector and apply a tiny amount on top of the dark area evenly. The orange will cancel out the darkness of the under eye. Then use a yellow undertone concealer on top to brighten it up.  Choose a full coverage liquid concealer for best results.

Problem: Pimples
An unwanted zit can be one of the worst things to wake up too.  Hide a zit easily by dabbing it with a green color corrector as it cancels out the redness of the zit.  Then apply a pink undertone concealer on top.  Lastly, set the zit immediately with a powder to keep the concealer in place and to make the zit seem like it was never even there

Problem: Large Pores
Large pores can be annoying.  The trick to make them appear less obvious is to keep your makeup as matte as possible.  Start off with using silicon based face primer to smooth out your skin and help make open pores less obvious.  Then use a matte foundation on top and set it with a powder to make skin look as smooth and pore-less as possible.  Try to stay away from highlighters, glitter or shine as these enhance the open pores further.  

Problem: Dry & Flaky Skin
Dry & flaky skin can be difficult to work with foundation.  Not only does the dry look wrinkle with foundation on top, flaky skin sticks to it making the base look like a mess.  Avoid this common skin issue by making sure you exfoliate regularly.  Exfoliating is the best way to get rid of dead skin sitting on top of your skin and will help allow the new fresh skin to come through.  Also try to incorporate a cleansing brush into your skincare ritual as these brushes are great to help exfoliate skin.  


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