Invisibobble to the rescue!

I've started to love these cute little invisibobbles. The reasons are quite simple, so I will get right to it.

First, and the most important they are gentle on the hair which leads to less hair breakage (don't you hate it when you take of your hair tie and it's covered in your precious hair that it painfully pulled out while not letting go!). 

Second, they don't leave any of those terrible dents in my hair (especially the ones you get from a sleek high ponytail). 

Third, they do stay pretty firm in the hair without reducing the volume (useful if you are doing a messy or low bun). 

Photo courtesy Invisiboble
Fourth, they distribute pressure evenly throughout the ring, which means less headaches! This is one problem I don't face much but I know my sister does. So if you get headaches from tying your hair very tight, invisibobble can help.

Photo courtesy Invisiboble
Fifth,  they are easy to wash. Even your hair ties need to be cleaned. The regular ones are a fabric type material which can accumulate a lot of hair sweat (while working out or by being out in the heat) which can harness bacteria and a foul smell. You don't want your hair smelling bad, do you? Hair fragrance is as important as maintaining good hair hygiene which is something most people do not realise.

I've been using them
in my own hair, seen
here is a loose braid.
Lastly, they are available in various colours so you are bound to find one to match your hair (including green). 

The only thing I did not like about the invisibobles is that they stretch out faster than the regular hair bands. Which in turn reduces their shelf life. But their website offers a solution to the problem, "If the invisibobble starts to wear out after a while, you can make it contract again by placing it in the sun, on top of a heater (or a towel) or in hot water."

The pros highly way out the cons. Which means this is something you should give a chance for the sake of your hair. The invisibobbles are available in 50 countries now, many saloons in Dubai have started to stock them (for approx AED 25, for a box of 3), and they can also be ordered online from a number of websites in the UAE. 

Until we meet again, you can watch the videos below for interesting hair do's using the invisibobble.



*Update August 6, 2015 : I tried the above mentioned method of keeping the invisiboble in the sun and it worked. The band did shirnk and come down to its original size.


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