Handbags have become a girl's best Friend

When it comes to handbags, no expense is spared
What makes Gulf women happiest? Family of course, but handbags come a very close second according to a latest survey.
The new research points out that, for most Middle Eastern women, handbags are the most expensive and pleasurable item on the shopping list, even outweighing the thrill of buying a new pair of heels or a gadget.
Handbags are the accessory that these women use the most, and they need to go with every outfit they own, so there is a lot of satisfaction in finding the perfect bag.
Shoes were also high on the list, with women getting very excited at the prospect of buying a new pair – and many admitting to showing off a new purchase with friends across social media.
Although abayas were also considered a crucial wardrobe staple for most Middle Eastern women, many cited that they needed a complementary high-fashion handbag to finish off the look.

Top items giving women pleasure:
1.     Handbags
2.     Shoes
3.     Abayas
4.     Jewellery
5.     Indulgent treatments
6.     Lingerie
7.     Oud (perfume)
8.     Gadgets
9.     Headscarves
10.   Flowers

A spokesperson from, the luxury accessories provider that commissioned the survey of 10,000 Middle Eastern women aged 18-55 years, about thier shopping habits said: “With fashion awareness growing in the region and women showcasing their extravagant taste, local women both young and old are only content with the finest trendsetting garments and accessories – this couldn't be clearer from the survey results”.
This revelation comes as no surprise with celebrity Arab actress and influential public figure, Aseel Omran, recently launching her own range of luxury Ao-branded handbags.
The exclusive Ao line is the first ‘celebrity approved’ domestic designer handbag to be made available in the Gulf, with Aseel herself playing a very active role in its design and production.
With price not being a factor, more and more women are choosing to purchase luxury clothing, accessories and gadgets to satiate their need for high-quality, well-designed and exclusive products.
A high percentage of women also admitted turning to Instagram to source products being supported by celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift.
The survey is fantastic news for all women wanting a ‘pick me up’ or for men who are undecided on what special gift to buy their loved ones!
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