Are the Women in The UAE Safe from eve teasing?

I often tell my friends back home (Mumbai, India) that the UAE is very safe for women. Compared to India it is, becuase of its strict laws but that has not stopped lecherous men from teasing them in public.

Yesterday evening I went to a store next to my house in Al Ain and walked down to the basement level to look for something. The moment I walked up this 'brown' man (I say brown becuase he could have been Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi) who works at the store starts singing a Hindi bollywood song which he can easily guess that I understand. I looked at him becuase he was right there when I walked up and turned to the opposite side and walked further into the store.

His singing continued, now picking up volume. I suddenly realised I have a few options ahead of me. First, do what most women do, ignore and walk off. Second, complain to the store manager, third, slap the guy (that would be fun) and the fourth which I immediately resorted to, the 'Stare' down.

I turned back and stared the man in the eyes with my meanest face and his volume went from loud to mute in less than three seconds. The reason I did that is becuase I am tired of letting such men having thier way everywhere. I wouldn't slap such a low person and get my hands dirty. Nor did I want to be a damsel in distress who needs others to save her. And more importantly the more you ignore such jerks, the more they get egged on.

My stare down was enough to teach him a lesson. How do I know you ask? Well, first he shut his mouth almost instantly. Second when I walked back towards the front I continued to stare at him, even though he was looking the other way but soon enough he turned and the moment he saw me, he quickly turned his face down, not in shame but in fear that I am not someone to be messed with.

Men like him won't stop me from going to where I want to go. The next time he does do such a thing, I might just call the cops on him. But I don't think he would try such a stunt. We women should not be scared of anyone. If a man is trying to tease you, don't look down and walk away as if you have done something or you are responsible. Instead teach him a lesson. Just remember if it is a situation where you are alone, or its dark, or dangerous call the cops first. Malls, supermarket and stores are places you are never alone. So don't be reluctant to get help and please don't let low life men like them get away.


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