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From what I to have seen, Sunsilk is the first to come up with a widely available (in most supermarkets) dry shampoo in UAE. I have been using this product for a while and I love it. Dry shampoo as the name suggest is a kind of shampoo that does not require any water. You just spray it into your hair, massage it for minute and then brush.

The result is amazing! It helps get rid of the grease, (thanks to all the humidity in Dubai, not so much in Al Ain) and is a quick fix, for when in a hurry. It also helps in holding the bobby pins in place when doing different hair styles. Spray before you start styling. The spray worked well for me in various weather conditions (hot, dry, cold, humid). Using the spray between shampoos is helpful in maintain hair colour (if you have coloured hair) and saves your scalp from those (unwilling) hot showers in the UAE heat.

Sunsilk Refreshing Dry Shampoo range offers three variants to cater to the different female hair needs:  for normal hair, greasy hair and colored hair. The entire range strives to refresh limp lifeless hair, absorb excess oil and enhance volume without a heavy dull finish. Just remember this is not a substitute to actual hair washing. That is still important, but this is a quick, water free solution for our ever so busy lives.


  1. I was planning to try this out, but I was not sure. Thanks for the review. I will try it out now.

  2. Im gonna try it out as well

  3. I had a difficult time finding the right dry shampoo when i moved to UAE, and sunsilk worked for me in the end. I've tried to keep up with the product range and agree with your review. Najeeb

  4. Im having a hard time maintaining colored hair this summer. Will try sunsilk next time around.


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