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ANGT, a UAE based pioneer food manufacturer, has recently made accessible its varied range of 100% natural and preservative free food products to the common household in the UAE. Manufacturer’s star brand - NONIONS is the world’s first ever pre-cooked, ready-to-use onion paste. 

In short this product is supposed to save the tears and reduce time while cooking by providing fresh ready to use onions.

So the best way to get you a review about Nonions was to get three awesome cooks in my family to try them out. 

Nonions Boiled Onion Paste: The first was the boiled onion paste, which was used to make Punjabi Chole  (Indian chick pea dish) which has a smooth Smooth yet chunky gravy from the bits of tomatoes in it.

The verdict: "Using the paste was definitely a hassle free experience. The paste had a slight preservative smell but that disappeared after sautéing it enough. Finally the taste turned to be exactly like it would with regular onions which is the most important thing."

Nonions Sauteed onion with tomato, ginger and garlic: The second was a dish made with soya nuggets with a Grainy gravy. The Nonion used was sauteed onion with tomato, ginger and garlic. 

The verdict: "It did save me a lot of time since I didn't have to cut anything. But I did not like the flavour of dish as much, since it tasted different from how it generally does.

Nonions Sauteed Onion Paste:  For the third recipe we went for an Italian dish, Pasta in marinara sauce and choice of Nonions was Sauteed Onion Paste. 

The verdict: "The pasta tasted just fine and nonions saved me the tears!"

Nonions Fried Onions: For the final one we chose to try out the recipe on the back of the pack which was a classic, Paneer Butter Masala. Obviously our secret 'Lakhani' touch was given it.

The verdict: "It turned out as creamy as always and my preparation/cooking was considerably reduced!"

Now the question is should you buy it? If you are short on time or simply hate cutting onions then its a good purchase. Its even good for those ocassion when you have unexpected guest at home. Once opened the onion paste is good for 30 days in the refrigerator and they are available in all leading supermarkets. The pack weighs 200 gms and according to the measurements on the pack every 15gms is about the size of one medium onion. The Nonions does have the smell that most packaged products have and from our experience its best used for creamy, well cooked gravies. I always insist on fresh fruits and vegetables, it is what the doctor recommends. But Noions seem to be the next best alternative! 


  1. Some Indian and Mughlai recipies require chopped onions and some dishes taste best when ingriedients are at its freshest best. Nonions is best for emergencies only..........


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