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I love food experiments because they normally combine a few awesome dishes to make something new. Some times these experiments become things that are far from edible but sometimes the ingredients just fall in place to create a delectable balance of flavours. I tasted such an experiment last week at JF (formerly known as Just falafel) Street food called the Shawurger. 
Ghef Gerard
Sweet Potato Fries
As the name suggests it a combination of a shawarma and a burger. Now this particular creation is more than just chicken shawarma pieces filled between a burger bun. According to Chef Gerard of JF Street Food, the bun used for the Shawurger is made using a of potatoes and is imported from the USA since nobody in the UAE could manufacturer them. Even though I try to support local products as much as possible for obvious environment reasons, I did love the taste of these buns which were soo soft. Tender chicken combined with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickels, French fries and drizzled with a garlic mayo sauce make the Shawurger one juicy treat. Available only for a limited time the chicken Shawurger is a must try!

                                                                              - Komal 

P.S. I hope they start baking those buns in the UAE soon, which will make the Shawurger much more environment friendly !

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  1. sounds delicious cant wait to try

  2. Hi Komal, i had no idea! I love shawarmas and have frequented many lebanese bistros. i really want to make this at home, do you know where i can find the recipe? Any tips on the preparation? I really want to get it right the first time!

    1. Hi, I'm not sure about the recipe, but the best way is to have a taste yourself.

      Keep reading Komal's Korner! :)


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