Food Review - Rosa Mexicano

I've always been a fan of Mexican Food and Rosa Mexicano has left me wanting for more. They celebrated the fifth of May more commonly know as Cinco de Mayo at their restaurant in the Dubai Mall. 

The celebration was complete with a Mariachi band, sombreros and of-course Mexican food. I choose to taste the traditional Guacamole en Molcajete made fresh in a stone pastel right in front of me (see the video below). I loved the guacamole, which is a dish made of tomatoes, onions, herbs and served with tomato salsa and nachos in this instance (a little tip, their medium spicy is not very spicy, so order accordingly). The guacamole was so creamy and the fresh ingredients made it even more amazing. I finished almost half of it by myself! 

Guacamole with Nachos and Tomato Salsa

Next I decided to go with a modern infusion, Fried Chicken but Mexican style. The chicken marinated with Mexican flavoring and served on a bed of 'secret' sauce as described by Cae Cano who was attending to me that evening had the right amount of crunch. The crispy and moist chicken was served with Mexican rice and black sauce (which is something I was not very fond of) the dish was big enough to serve two (unless you've skipped lunch that day). Due to a sore throat I had to give the margarita a skip and go for a avocado drink instead, which was not only good for health but also quite yum with a rich milkshake consistency.

Cae Cano
Ana and Cesar from Mariachi events perform live during the celebration
Avocado and honey drink 
On flavour and menu variety I'd give Rosa Mexicano four stars. So the next you are craving Mexican food, you should check out Rosa Mexicano.


- Komal

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  1. I tried the food after reading your review and it was really nice. I want to take my family next time.


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