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I was invited to review the food at Gourmet Burger Kitchen this month. I chose the DIFC branch due to its convenient location. On my way there on a sunny afternoon I had an idea of what to expect but lets just say my expectations were not only fulfilled but left far behind in terms of flavours, choices and the friendly service. With so many amazing options I was spoilt for choice, but Christine, who manages the DIFC branch helped me make up my mind by walking me through the entire menu and how you can customise any particular burger. I settled on the Hot Chiili Chicken burger (If you are trying to avoid carbs they can serve the burger without the bun), with a side of  sweet potato fries (even though customer favourite were the skinny fries) along with a custom made Chocolate Oreo Milkshake. For dessert I went for the Chocolate fondant. To know what I loved or hated read on!

First up was the milkshake, which was brought freshly made to the table and poured into the glass right in front of me (video is up on Instagram). If you have been keeping up with me on my blog or social media you would know where ever I go I have to try out their chocolate milk shake. My general rule is the thicker the better, but flavour is also equally important. I am not a big fan of Oreos, so they customised my milkshake with chocolate to avoid that milky flavour. On texture, creaminess, and thickness this milk shake get a 10 out of 10. On flavour it gets an 8 (only because I don't like oreos). The milk shake is actually quite filling and is a pretty big glass full. I could not even finish mine and had to take it to go. If you have the midday munchies this milk shake is a quick and filling fix.

I have trying to eat healthy lately (and failing), in order to maintain the effort, for my side I had the Sweet Potato fries. These fries have fewer calories than the regular ones and a flavour that has been growing on me. They pair up pretty well with the Chicken Chilli Burger and maintain a balance of sweetness between the burger and the milkshake. Sprinkle the fries with some of their popular Hei Hei salt made of secret ingredients and you wont be sorry.

The Giant burger (as I now call it) was nothing short of those creations you see on Man Vs Food. The melting mozzarella and the sauces drizzling down the sides was live art. The burger just stood there proud letting the elements tucked  inside to flow out and paint a sight of sheer gluttonous desire. The towering burger (see below) is a challenge to be scaled. Eating it was the difficult part, but you just have to make your way around it. This burger is supposed to be on the spicy side, (not in comparison to Indian food), but was mild for my taste buds. The ingredients, most of which are locally sourced were fresh, which added that certain crunch to the burger. The patty was juicy in every bite and the sauces which were strong on flavour blended well with the subtleness of the cheese and the vegetables. 

Last and definitely not the least was the chocolate fondant. I will only say this.. It was gooey, melty, and chocolaty enough to make me want more. You do that math of how good it was!

I give Gourmet Burger Kitchen 4.5 stars out of 5, which means if you love burgers, this place is a must try! If you haven't already, give sweet potato fries a go and might just like them. GBK also has healthy options to choose from incase you are 'trying' to watch the calories like me. 

*On a side note, a major Dubai based food magazine was supposed to visit the location the day before I did. Many of the staff members stayed there beyond their shift timings but the reviewers from the publication did not show up. We as the press/media/blogger sometimes take things for granted, thinking that we are entitled. We are not, we write to give the world meaning, to convey information, to connect people, cultures and put feelings into words. Lets respect our profession, which is one if the oldest and organised ones around, and be courteous to everyone one around us, no matter who they are. 

Komal R. Lakhani

Christine Mendoza in Center (in white) with the Staff at GBK

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


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