Food Review - Delizioso

By now you all know about my love of food. Cheese tops the list with chocolate and Pani puri, so when I was invited to the launch of buffalo mozzarella made right here in the UAE by Italian Dairy Products how could I refuse!

The launch was set against the scenic backdrop of the Al Qasr hotel. The evening started with a boat or dhow ride to Magnolia restaurant. Guest were pampered with good music and ofcource great food all of which were curated with mozzarella. They smoked it, baked it, stuffed it and the people still couldn't get enough. It was while everyone was enjoying the cheesy delights we found out that all the cheese that we were having was not the new Buffalo mozzarella and then the countdown begin to unveil one of the best accidents to happen to man...Mozzarella! 

The sight of the cheese bought everyone flocking to the cheese table which is where I took my first bite into this newly made in the UAE mozzarella and the first thing that came to my mind was MAMA Mia...Delizioso (oh soo good!). The cheese was soo fresh, chewy, stringy and had the right amount of moisture to give it the perfect taste. You can't find that in processed mozzarella in the frozen/dairy section of a supermarket. Luckily for us, the new buffalo mozzarella will be finding its way to the fresh cheese section of  the major supermarkets very soon! I would just eat it raw but you can also season it with some basil and olive oil for that true Italian flavour.

Here is a bit of background about the new Buffalo mozzarella in focus today.. It is made from water buffalo milk imported from the country and region of origin, Campania, in the south of Italy, and, specially made and prepared to preserve all its unique properties with high calcium, vitamins and mineral salts.  Unique for its pearly white colour, its deep and particular taste, smooth and shiny surface with the aroma of the Mediterranean brush.

Italian Dairy Products, they make a wide range of traditional Italian “pasta filata” cheeses like mozzarella, as well as ricotta.

“Pasta Filata” refers to the special characteristics that the Mozzarella curd has of stretching: The Mozzarella curd, when its reach the optimal maturation point, its able in the hot water to became stretchy, stringy, “filante” in Italian, so will have this unique characteristics to be moulded in different shapes, having this elasticity and fibrousness that gives finished mozzarella its remarkable texture. 

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