The emergency room

In all fairness to my blog, I need to tell you about all things Dubai and Al Ain, including the hospitals. A few days ago my mom suddenly felt really dizzy, so we rushed her to be the emergency room and did every test possible. Luckily they all came back negative, and she's much better now. 

The hospital we went to was NMC, in Al Ain. The doctors and nurses on call, we very efficient and helpful. They provided excellent care to my mum and answered all the various, some what panic driven questions we had. 

The emergency room is connected by a small passage leading to the reception are adjoining to which is a spacious cafeteria. Being in the hospital for a couple of hours, my hungers pangs had set it. Since all the tests on my mom were done and only few reports were remaining. Since mom was feeling better, she insisted I grab a bite. I headed to the cafeteria and picked up a chicken sandwich. The food here is catered by a restaurant called Food World, located in the town Center area (Al Ain). All I can say is it was a good thing I was right next to the emergency room, because I there was a big fat piece of bone in my sandwich. It was a good thing I found before it could choke me!

Next time, I am going to pick the vending machine instead of the cafeteria in hospitals, on the other hand I also wish there wouldn't be a next time of being in a hospital. 

Moral of the story: Keep an eye on your food, you never know what's in it, and secondly places that can provide excellent health care, may it be able to say the same about the quality of their food.


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