Crossing the half way mark

The month of Ramadan is half way through and every evening the city seems to be in high spirits. This is better shown than spoken about. So this week we will do a short photo blog and I will try to get as many photos of all the special Ramadan stuff before it ends.

This week we look at Al Ain, lets begin....

A usually busy intersection (left) just off Khalifa Street in Al Ain, just before Iftar around 7.13 pm (the time when the roza opens). The same intersection (right) at 10.30 pm.

                                          The area near NMC hospital and Ayla hotel during Iftar.

As the sun goes down these lights resembling a lamp are lit up, adorning the streets of Al Ain. The Lantern are significant of the month of Ramadan. 

Below a sign wishing Ramadan Kareem in Al Ain.


We move on to the special arrangements made at Bawadi Mall (Al Ain) for the month of Ramadan. Most malls have a number of performances during the summer which change into more traditional art forms with the beginning of Ramadan  
Performers during a local dance show at the mall.

Fasting and Food go hand in hand, the Muslims fast all day during Ramadan, but the evenings are marked with a number of delicious treats to eat after the fast is opened. All the supermarkets are packed with shoppers just before and during Ramadan stocking up on food for Ramadan or just wanting to make use of the numerous offers on various food and home products.

The most common item on offer during Ramadan are chocolates and all baking products 

Ramadan, as I mentioned earlier is more visible in Al Ain, owing to the large local and Muslim population based here. For us non Muslims, its an interesting time to learn something new about their culture. As for me I totally take advantage of the extended shopping hours and offers on chocolate for baking and to indulge in!

Moral of this story: Somethings are better seen that read and best time to buy chocolates is during Ramadan, so check the expiry date before picking them up and make space in your kitchen for storing them.


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